About us

Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it?


Business Professionals Like You

We are freelancers and business owners like you who wake up each day looking for a new income stream to add to our portfolios without the unnecessary and winding pitches. 

Keep things Simple

By keeping our network of websites simple and straight to the point. We find that driven individuals find our resources useful and invaluable given the competitive markets out there.  

No Nonsense

If you are looking for get rich schemes or ‘opportunities that guarantee $5000 a day’ then you are at the wrong place. What we promote here is self development, responsibility, sustainable business solutions and transparency. All this takes work and motivation. 


All job websites and business opportunities listed on Zimbo263 cater to freelancers in developing countries. Therefore, they use common payment methods used in most developing countries. 

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