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Business Opportunities in Africa and Asia

I put together a few affiliate programs as well as micro job sites where you can start, grow your business or start earning a consistent income from the comfort of your home whether you are in Africa or Asia.

Australian Telemarketing Leads

Business opportunities in Africa and Asia are increasing, especially over the internet where you do not have to travel further than the location of your computer.

Australian Telemarketing Leads has an international affiliate program which can joined from anywhere in the world, especially if you are looking for business opportunities in Africa and Asia. As long as you have access to the internet at least once a day for about 1 hour or so, you should be able to post content and market their products easily.

Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and they offer website owners an additional way to spread the word about their websites.

Among others, this affiliate program is free to join and requires no technical knowledge! As an affiliate, you will generate traffic and sales for their website and receive attractive commissions in return.

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Mr. Website Maker

Mr. Website Maker is a company present in Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and America. It specializes in selling ready-made websites for any kind of business. Upon payment, the website is ready within 48 hours. Their winning edge is that they develop high quality websites with several functional and industry leading tools  in less than three days! To further sweeten their offer, the website packages are affordable for most entrepreneurs and small businesses, starting from $200 AUD inclusive of a website, domain name, web hosting, 5 email accounts, a business CRM and a custom messaging bot to manage website enquiries.

If you are looking for business opportunities in Africa and Asia, this service is worth joining. Their affiliate program is pretty transparent and pays well, on a weekly basis unlike many others that pay monthly. 

As an affiliate, you simply post their ads on social media platforms and websites. Each link you post online has a unique code which identifies you as the marketer. When a purchase is made, you’re immediately paid 30% of the total sale.

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Health Pimp

Health Pimp is a website that promotes healthy living through informative articles about weight loss, fitness and skin care. The website also sells affordable ebooks on effective health solutions that are much sought after on the internet.

As an affiliate of this website, you get commissions for sales made by people who click any of the links you post on social media and websites.

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54 Nations - My Favourite

54 nations is a micro job and services website that caters to freelancers in developing nations around the world, this is the ideal spot for those looking for business opportunities in Africa and Asia.

Freelancers sign up for free then list small jobs or tasks they are willing to do for $5 USD or even services they would like to sell. Small businesses and entrepreneurs visit the website to look for the products and services they need and pay via the website. 

As a freelancer you can also get small jobs by visiting the job requests page. To apply, simply signup for free, create a profile then create a list of services you can do and your rates, remember to start low then increase as you get positive reviews. Buyers looking for the services you offer will message you or simply pay for your services thus creating a work contract for the duration of the project.

If you have services and products you would like to sell, 54nations is the place for you no matter where you are in the world. The majority of buyers are business people around the world looking to get some tasks done without necessarily hiring someone full time.

If buying or selling does not interest you, try working as a marketing affiliate. You simply promote the services of others and automatically earn a commission every time a purchase is made.

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Australian Automated Marketing

All positions have been filled – This is a website that builds automated marketing tools for businesses that want to stay relevant, visible and competitive online without having to hire a full time employee.

The Australian Automated Marketing solution has an affiliate program that lets you promote the solution on the internet. Any sales that your ads or posts generate earn you recurring monthly commissions for the duration the client uses the solution. Best of all, there are no limits on commission earnings. Even though the company is in Australia it caters to businesses worldwide and is a another sweet spot for a person seriously looking for business opportunities in Africa and Asia.

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Accurate and Factual Forex eBook

The foreign exchange market, more commonly known as the forex market, blows everything else out of the water. Every day it averages roughly four trillion dollars which dwarfs what the New York Stock Exchange is able to put out by more than 1,000 percent. While it was off limits to private traders for decades, these days, there are a wide variety of different online forex trading platforms which means that the opportunity to profit from this massive market is open to anyone who is willing to put the time in to do it properly. For people interested in learning more, then this proven Forex Trading Money Making Strategy – Just 30 Minutes a Day is the book they have been waiting for.

As an affiliate marketer, you only promote the book on social media and websites. Any sales from the links you post will earn you a commission that is paid out immediately. 

Coming soon

Virtual Assistant Tasks

All positions have been filled – Virtual assistants tasks is a business that does micro jobs under one roof. Unlike 54 nations, VAT is one business with employees under one roof that does small clerical and admin tasks for businesses without having to hire a full time or part time employee. The majority of freelancers on the website are in Asia and Africa, making this another good avenue to find business opportunities in Africa and Asia.

As an affiliate, you can use the banners VAT provides to advertise the business and its links. Any sales made from the links you post will earn you generous commissions.

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The Ultimate Bitcoin Consultation

This consultation is for people who are new to Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency or those who need a step by step explanation and training on what cryptocurrency is as well as how to earn money legitimately through investing and trading cryptocurrency. Most importantly, it helps you understand how to avoid scams while increasing your income streams.

This one on one live training (done on whatsapp and Skype) is regularly updated to ensure it is relevant and applicable in the ever changing cryptocurrency markets.

The training covers in-depth processes for researching profitable coins, reliable platforms you can use for trading and investing, security precautions you have to take to protect your investments and ICO investing and more!

If you’re new to Bitcoin, have zero technical knowledge and no trading experience in cryptocurrencies – then this training is for you.

It’s the beginner’s guide to buying, trading and investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins and Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) for PROFIT and in plain English.

As an affiliate, you can use the banners and links on the website to promote the Bitcoin consultations. All sales made through your links will earn you $10 per sign up.

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Where to Get Coffee

All positions have been filled – Promote this coffee website anywhere on the internet and get paid commissions for all sales generated from your links and effort.

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Cake Shop Near Me

All positions have been filled – Promote this cake website anywhere on the internet and get paid commissions for all sales generated from your links and effort.

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