Still confused about how to sell in Africa? Contrary to popular belief, selling in Africa in saturated markets is actually much easier than most people believe. Let’s get into the reasons why saturated African markets are considered difficult.

How Difficult Is Selling In Africa?

With the vast majority of businesses solely vying to make profits on a daily basis, competition at that level of focus is intense – to say the least. The average business in the group has to survive by making sure it makes a profit, at all costs and this is normally the problem.

How To Sell In Africa Without Focusing On Profits?

The grave that many businesses dig for themselves when their sole or primary focus is profit, is that they make their value to their customers price dependent. The moment a customer finds a better price, that customer is gone. Now remember getting a new customer, depending on the industry, is 5 to 25 times harder than retaining an existing one. So with the mindset of the group we are discussing, this means every single day they are working as hard as they worked on day 1.

What To Focus On When Selling In Africa?

Africans love to stick to habits. It could be tea in the morning, Church on Sunday, grocery shopping on specific days, sticking to certain brands and so on.  My own mother had a habit of going to a certain restaurant every Wednesday for her favourite meal on the menu.  For as long as I can recall, she never changed her order – a meat pie with fish fillet on the side and some gravy. For Africans, committing to a routine is so much easier and share worthy when the experience is pleasant.

Ensuring your products are of the highest standard, have solid customer care, be seen going the extra mile, like contacting your customer after a sale to see if they are happy with their product/your service without necessary pitching another sale. Even small acts as cleaning an area with your business t-shirt on still wins hearts across Africa.

Price ceases to be an issue in Africa, once the value of your business is held in high regard and endorsed by others in the community.

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